About Us

The thirty-year history of the company’s existence is a thing to be proud of!

Late 80’ was a time of great changes in Poland and in the world.
Thanks to Marek Kolasa’s commitment, ideas and patience opens the carpentry, where he initially employs several employees. From the very beginning, the company specialized in the production of chairs and tables. The expansion of production included also other types of furniture like upholstered, garden, etc.

Very quickly, only 10 years later in 1996, based on our own experience and technology, a small carpentry transformed into the Chair and Table Factory. From this year the company was named KOLMAR Fabryka Krzeseł i Stołów. Despite the change of the ownership in 2015, the factory still follows main idea. The location remained unchanged, still in Tomice, next to Wadowice.

Through all the years of activity, KOLMAR has developed its offer, as well as accumulated experience and knowledge about professional wood processing. It was a matter of time to develop a technology for manual wood hot bending. Thanks to all this, we provide our customers with perfectly designed, precisely refined and unique furniture.

Core of our company are skilled Employees. Each chair and table is a separate story. Our employees create masterpieces thanks to experience, outstanding knowledge of wood, development and progression of the technology, but also to extent by handwork. We can humbly say that our furniture are created by Artists. Just for You!

Let’s talk about chairs at the table.